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    Imad (also transliterated as Emad, Arabic: عماد‎, IPA: ) is a common Arabic male name and surname and means pillar or support.


    Given name Surname Family origin

    The Imad family is named for al-Amadiyyah, near Mosul in northern Iraq, and, like the Jumblatt Family, is thought to be of Kurdish origin.

    Some unconfirmed sources alleged, that the roots of Family Imad ancestors are associated with those of Imad-Ad-Din Zengi (1087; † 1146), who was in turn the Atabeg of Mosul from 1127 until his death in 1146.

    Imad as a family name also indicates descent from the originally Druze Feudal Family Al-Imad in the Chouf region of Mount Lebanon.

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