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* Eshratabad Palace *


Eshrat Abad

کاخ عشرت آباد ، قصر عشرت آباد

The Eshratabad Palace was built in a garden during Naseroddin Shah's reign outside the Darvazeh Shemiran city-Gate. The building has a nice roof called Kolah-Farangi (European chapeau) which was a common architectural style of Qajar palaces. Built in 4 floors, the 3d floor of the Eshratabad Palace has a mirror hall called Shah-Neshin (residence of the king) to quench vanity of the Qajar court. The last floor must have had a nice view at the time. Unfortunately, Eshratabad Palace is currently inside a military garrison and public access is not possible.

Tags:Darvazeh, Darvazeh Shemiran, Eshratabad Palace, Naseroddin Shah, Qajar, Shah, Shemiran

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