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June, 20

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June, 20, 656 A.D.:
Caliph Osman Killed By Mojahedin

A group of 2000 Muslims calling themselves Mojahedin revolted against the third of the Rashedin Caliph and killed Osman on June, 20, 656. His body was left to rot for 3 days in his house in Medina and nobody dared touch it.Anti-Caliphate sentiments grew with support for Imam Ali, the nephew of Proph... Read Full Article:


June, 20, 1576 A.D.:
Ibrahim Mirza Killed

The royal palace in Qazvin became scene of heinous conspiracies of a Safavi princess named Parikhan. She was the daughter of Shah Tahmasp and allegedly killed her own father by poisoning. Then her other brother Ismail Mirza became king. The other brother Heydar Mirza was decapitated.But their uncle ... Read Full Article:


June, 20, 1951 A.D.:
Iranian Flag Waving On Abadan Refinery

In July, 1951, Mosaddegh sent a committee of five (including four National Front deputies) created by Majlis to Khuzestan to take over the oil installations and implement the nationalization law.Iranians struggled hard to put an end to the infamous D'Arcy agreement that gave the British exclusive ri... Read Full Article:


June, 20, 1994 A.D.:
Bomb Explosion In Imam Reza Shrine

A bomb exploded at the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad killing 24 and injuring another 70 persons. The bomb went off in a prayer hall of the shrine during Ashura ceremonies.Imam Reza is the 8th of the 12 Imams that make the backbone of the Shiite faith. The attack was quickly blamed on the outlaw MKO te... Read Full Article:


June, 20, 2009 A.D.:
Neda Brutally Murdered In Protests

The footage of the death of a 26 year old Iranian girl; Neda Agha Soltan drew international attention after she was killed during the 2009 Iranian election protests. The protests erupted after allegations of widespread fraud at the polls. Neda's death was captured on video and broadcast over the int... Read Full Article:

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