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April, 25

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April, 25, 1926 A.D.:
Reza Khan Becomes Reza Shah

Four years after his coup d'état, Reza Shah proclaimed king and started the Pahlavi dynasty which lasted until 1979 as the last monarchy in the Iranian history. It's been registered in history that Reza Pahlavi was in favor of republic as the form of government and wanted to follow the path in Turk... Read Full Article:


April, 25, 1952 A.D.:
Majlis Seventeenth Terms Begins

The 17th Majlis term started on Apr, 25, 1952.The seventeenth term just like the preceding one was full of political turmoil. Election was carried out with some difficulties and some seats remained vacant throughout its unusual short life. Only 80 representatives were present out of 135. The issues ... Read Full Article:

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