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Bahram 5. Proclaims King

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November, 18, 420 A.D.:
Bahram 5. Proclaims King

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Bahram 5th also known as Bahram Goor proclaimed kingdom nine days after his father Yazdgerd was accidentally killed by a horse-kick. Bahram V was the fourteenth Sassanid King (421–438).
Iranian nobles, mostly clergymen did not want him as king because 1. his father gave freedom of religion to all faiths. Bahram was from a Jewish mother named Soushandokht. According to the legend Bahram retrieved the crown from between two lions where it was located as a test of competence. The story is narrated in detail in Shahnameh of Ferdowsi. Bahram Goor is a great favorite in Persian literature and poetry.
In the year 421, knowing the power vaccum associated with a new king, the Romans sent their general Ardaburius with an extensive contingent into Armenia. Ardaburius defeated the Persian commander Narseh and proceeded to plunder the province of Arzanene and lay siege to Nisibis. Ardaburius abandoned the siege in the face of an advancing army under Bahram, who in turn besieged Theodosiopolis in Osroene. With a winning card in Bahram's hand, peace was then concluded between Iran and Roman Empire (422) with a return to status quo ante bellum.
Bahram defeated many enemies in his time and people believed he was alive and did not choose a new king even two years after his disappearance while hunting.

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