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Teimur Conquers Isfahan

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August, 27, 1387 A.D.:
Teimur Conquers Isfahan

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Teimur was born on Apr, 8, 1335 in a small city south of Samarkand from the Berlas Tatar tribe. It's been narrated that he injured his leg while he was a child stealing a sheep and could not walk straight afterwards; that's why he's also called Teimur Lang (cripple). Starting 1381, He began attacking Khorasan after becoming dominant over the area north-east of Iran. His dreadful army conquered and plundered Khorasan, Sistan, India, Syria, Minor Asia, and wherever there was signs of life. Building head-minarets from decapitated victims was an invention of his time to spread terror among civilians. His army destroyed important cities like Herat. His biggest dream was to make Samarkand the most glorious city in the world at whatever the price. Some of his mass murder accounts are as follows: In 1383, he killed 2000 people in Sistan and used their bodies in building a wall. He decapitated 100,000 people in Delhi. In December 1398 he buried 4000 Armenians alive. In 1400 he built 20 head-minarets near Damascus and Haleb.
He conquered Isfahan on Aug, 27, 1387 after taking it under siege for months. But after an uprising that killed 3000 of his soldiers, he announced that he'd pay 20 gold Dinars for every head they bring to him. Soon enough, 70,000 people in Isfahan were massacred. He then moved his army towards Shiraz where gates were open for him with no resistance. In Shiraz a famous encounter happened between Teimur and the famous Iranian poet Hafez.
Teimur died on Feb, 18, 1405 in Farab putting an end to years of terror in Asia. His body was moved to Samarkand to lie in a tomb he had made. His great realm from China to Syria did not last long though.

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