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Majlis Seventeenth Terms Begins

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April, 25, 1952 A.D.:
Majlis Seventeenth Terms Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The 17th Majlis term started on Apr, 25, 1952.
The seventeenth term just like the preceding one was full of political turmoil. Election was carried out with some difficulties and some seats remained vacant throughout its unusual short life. Only 80 representatives were present out of 135. The issues related to Nationalization of Oil predominated most of the sessions.
Iranian Prime Minister Dr. Mosaddegh attended the hearings at the International Court of Justice. In a vote, the court ruled that it was incompetent to deal with the British claim regarding Iran's Nationalization of Oil industries. Amazingly, the British representative cast his vote in favor of the motion, which was passed 9 to 5. This led to complete break of political ties with the British government. The Majlis also terminated the Iran-Soviet 1927 Caspian Sea Fishing agreement and nationalized its facilities.
Mohammad Reza Shah fled from Iran, only to be restored to power in a CIA sponsored coup d'état called Operation TP-AJAX. Upon return, he promptly dissolved both Majlis and the Senate.

Other bills passed during this period :
- Special Powers Act in favor of Prime Minister Dr. Mosaddegh.
- Nationalization of the Iranian Telecommunication.
- Bill of foundation of public transportation services.
- Charter of Iranian Telephone Company.

Majlis 17th term ended on Dec, 19, 1953.

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