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Shah Completes US Tour

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December, 30, 1949 A.D.:
Shah Completes US Tour

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi completed his tour of the United States and departed for Iran. President Truman provided transportation by sending his private airplane to Iran. Shah was welcomed by the US President at Washington National Airport on Nov, 16, 1949. Shah reportedly visited various industrial and agricultural institutions alongside military installations whose technical operations could be applied in Iran.
A joint statement was issued on the day of his departure on Dec, 30, 1949 in which the United States made clear its desire for the maintenance of the independence and integrity of Iran. There was emphasis on economic and social progress in Iran for which US showed full support with investments of private capital in the Iranian economy. The United States offered certain military assistance essential to enable Iran's self-defense.
Shah needed US support against UK and USSR and somehow had no other way but to accept US military presence and further meddling in Iran affairs that was followed by a 1953 CIA backed coup. Once Iranians had Mohammad Ali Shah, a puppet of Russia and then there was Mohammad Reza Shah puppet of America.

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