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Iran's First Female Minister

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August, 27, 1968 A.D.:
Iran's First Female Minister

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mrs. Farrokhroo Parsa was born on 22 March 1922, some minutes past Norooz eve in Qom. She proved to be a brilliant student at Homa primary school. After obtaining a college degree in natural sciences, she became a biology teacher in Jeanne d'Arc high school in Tehran where Farah Diba was one of her students. She was admitted to Tehran University as a medical student and was graduated as a doctor in 1950. But she did not practice medicine and preferred to work at the Ministry of Culture.
She soon became active in politics and participated in parties that advocated issues such as women suffrage. Parsa became a Majlis representative in 1963. On Aug, 27, 1968 she became Minister of Education in the cabinet of Prime Minister Amirabbas Hoveida's government, thus becoming the first female minister in Iran's history.
However, this brilliant personality had a strange destiny. She was arrested after the 1979 revolution and was prosecuted in Revolutionary Court headed by Ayatollah Khalkhali. She wrote in a letter sent to her family that she would not bow to those who expected her to express regret for fifty years of her efforts for equality between men and women. Apparently, at the primitive court, she was given a last chance to repent which she refused. Farrokhroo Parsa was executed on May,8 , 1980 on charges of being Corrupter on Earth.

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