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Imam Hadi Murdered

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July, 2, 868 A.D.:
Imam Hadi Murdered

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Imam Hadi was born on March, 10, 828 in Samara. At the age of 8, he became the 10th Shiite Imam after his father Imam Javad's death. He soon attracted thousands of followers who sought guidance to Medina. Because of Imam Hadi's increasing popularity, the Abbasi Caliph Al-Motevakkel ordered his exile to Samara where he was under severe surveillance for the following 20 years. However, Imam Hadi's simple life away from luxuries and material world added to his charm and charisma in such a way that he was always seen as a threat to the Abbasi dynasty. Shah Abdolazim whose shrine is in Rhagae, was one of several followers of Imam Hadi who spread words of truth around the world. Shah Abdolazim passed away on Nov, 2, 866.
Imam Hadi was murdered by poisoning on July, 2, 868 at the age of 40. The Abbasi Caliph Motamed ordered this murder. On his death bed there was only his son Imam Hasan Asgari who became the eleventh Imam to lead the Shiite faith. Imam Hadi was buried in the same house in Samara.

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