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CIA Agent Kermit Creeps In

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June, 19, 1953 A.D.:
CIA Agent Kermit Creeps In

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The CIA agent Kim Roosevelt (Kermit) is a less known figure in Iranian history compared to his great role in Operation TP-AJAX. Kim was the coordinator of the coup against Dr. Mosaddegh. Kim was also the bastard grandson of American president Theodore Roosevelt.
Shortly prior to the 1952 presidential elections in the US, the British government invited Kermit Roosevelt, Jr., of the CIA to London to propose collaboration on a secret plan, code-named "Operation Ajax", to force Mosaddegh from office.
Kim secretly slipped across Iranian border on June, 19, 1953 and was hosted at a basement hired by British spies which became his headquarters for the operation which started with a campaign of black propaganda and bribery against Mosaddegh's popular government. However, the coup initially failed and on Aug, 15 Shah fled from Iran to Baghdad, then to Rome, Italy, Shah was brought back again after a second bloody coup. Kim forced the officer who drove the first tank towards Tehran streets was conducted at gunpoint.
Mosaddegh was arrested and placed in solitary confinement for three years, followed by house arrest for life.
The coup marked the first successful CIA covert operations abroad followed by some other scandals:
- In 1954, CIA sponsored an invasion by exiled Guatemalans which caused Guatemala's social revolution to came to an end, forever.
- CIA directed an abortive invasion of Cuba, carried out by Cuban exiles on Apr, 17, 1961 known as Bay of Pigs invasion.
- CIA's direct and indirect military interventions in Congo (1964), Chile (1973), Algeria (1991), Dominicans, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, alongside supporting extremists around the world.
While in Italy, Shah signed two decrees, one dismissing Mosaddegh and the other naming Fazlollah Zahedi to replace him as Prime Minister. Zahedi staged a bloody coup on Aug, 19, 1953 with the help of CIA, MI6, and armed mob and provided the grounds for Shah's return from exile on Aug, 22.

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