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Armitage Settles Iran-Britain Disputes

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December, 22, 1920 A.D.:
Armitage Settles Iran-Britain Disputes

By: Mir M.Hosseini

First disagreements between Iran and Britain arose during the World War I. In Feb, 1915, German and Turkish spies, with the help of some tribal bandits in Khuzestan province plotted bombs that cut oil the oil flow resulting in some damages to British interests. According to D'Arcy Agreement's item #14, the Iranian government was responsible to protect assets, employees, and interests of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. As a matter of fact, Iranian government's sphere of influence could hardly reach borders of Tehran at that time. This gave Britain a pretext to stop due payments in the agreement for almost 5 years.
After the end of the war, disputes took place that did not result in a solution. Instead, there was show of force and dirty politics that was taking place.
On Dec, 2, 1920 the British representative gave a notice to the Iranian government to concede all affairs related to Cossack forces to the Great Britain. They wanted everything including management, logistics, weaponry supplies, and training to be handled by the British. The Iranian government was to pay all expenses including British personnel's salaries. In 1907 Britain and Russia had made an agreement that divided Iran into south and north regions. A military coup took place in Iran in the following February

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