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Nullification Of Fraudulent Parliament Elections

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January, 9, 1961 A.D.:
Nullification Of Fraudulent Parliament Elections

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The twentieth term Majlis elections under a two party system took place on Aug, 17, 1960. Manouchehr Eghbal, the Melliun Party leader was in charge of running the elections against Mardom Party leaded by Asadollah Alam. Some of the outlawed National Front party figures such as Dr. Ali Amini and Jafar Behbahani participated independently.
Shah faced widespread fraud accusations made by Mardom Party and independent candidates. Public discontent reached a degree that Shah expressed his discontent with the election procedures on Aug, 27 during a press conference and announced the election results invalid. Four days later he asked all parliament representatives to submit their resignations and pave the way for healthy elections.
The official order for renewal of the 20th term Majlis elections were announced on Jan, 9, 1961. Majlis convened on Feb, 21 but fraud allegations were far from over. The heavy atmosphere lingered on the government until Jafar Sharifemami was forced to resign. Amini became Prime Minister and later asked for dissolution of Majlis.

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