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Imam Khomeini Freed From Prison

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April, 7, 1964 A.D.:
Imam Khomeini Freed From Prison

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Imam Khomeini's enthusiastic speech in the Madrasa of Feyziyeh against Capitulation which drew an ire in Savak was somehow the starting point of a revolution. Two days later, on June, 5, 1963, security forces broke into his house in Qom at 4:00 am and took him away. This event led to an uprising which is a turning point in the Iranian history. The Pahlavi regime brutally suppressed demonstrations.
Although Imam was kept under house arrest in Gheytariyeh, Shah came under such a criticism for jailing a prominent Shiite leader, that he was forced to free Imam Khomeini. Some Shiite leaders left Qom for Tehran and campaigned for his release.
On April, 7, 1964, a black Chevrolet which was escorted by some other cars stopped in front of the Fatemiyeh hospital near Imam's residence. Right after Imam stepped out of the car, colonel Molavi and some other officers left the place immediately. His surprise release caused joy among people. Ulama of Qom gathered around his house to congratulate him. Imam Khomeini talked to the audience until around 1:00 am before entering his house for rest. The following day, when the news of his release reached other cities, the crowd in the streets of Qom created a the scene was reportedly comparable to Ashura ceremonies.
Prime Minister Mansour's desire to have a better public acceptance which was not possible without support from clerics in Qom was probably his primary motivation to convince Shah for Imam Khomeini's release.

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