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Saed Presents Cabinet Of Ministers

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September, 6, 1944 A.D.:
Saed Presents Cabinet Of Ministers

By: Mir M.Hosseini

A couple of days after Mohammad Saed Maraghei resigned as Prime Minister, he was asked to return to duty and govern Iran under occupation. As he was presenting his cabinet of ministers and his programs, the Soviets and their Toodeh Party were pressuring Iran to sign a deal that granted exclusive rights of North Oil. The fact that Saed was born in Georgia and fluent in Russian did not stop his patriotic Iranian roots from resisting against unfair demands of the occupation forces. Some blueprints of his program were:
1. Law Enforcement across the country and securing judicial independence.
2. A price policy to counter inflation and preventing stockpiling of necessities by profiteers.
3. Implementation of mandatory education and revision of school system.
4. Creation of puppy fields in the country which was limited during Reza Shah.
5. revision of the election law and presenting a draft to Majlis accordingly.
During his term, he recognized Syria, Lebanon, Israel as country and initiated political relations with the Republic of France.
His government's life did not last long and he was forced by the Soviets to resign after only 2 months.

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