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Black Friday-Demonstrations Turn Bloody

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September, 8, 1978 A.D.:
Black Friday-Demonstrations Turn Bloody

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The Black Friday was one of important events that led to the 1979 revolution. Only a few days after the fire in the Rex Cinema, the cabinet of Jamshid Amouzegar was forced to resign. Mohammad Reza Shah ordered Jafar Sharif Emami to form a new cabinet of ministers. . Sharif Emami was the son of a clergyman and the head of the Senate. He was expected to succeed in forming a national unity government.
However, on Sep, 4, the Fetr Feast prayers in Gheytariyeh turned into mass demonstrations that continued every day.
On Sep, 8, General Oveisi announced military curfew at 6:00 AM. People who attended the Friday prayers were probably not aware of this announcement on the radio that banned gatherings of more than 3 people, and started demonstrating towards the Jaleh Square.
The commanding officers asked the demonstrators to disperse on the loudspeakers a few times, but when they faced resistance, soldiers opened fire that lasted for a couple of minutes, killing 87 people according to the governor of Tehran alongside 250 people injured The opposition leaders claimed the death toll at 4000.
This incident practically closed any doors for reconciliation between the opposition group and Shah's despot regime. After the revolution, the Jaleh Square was renamed to Shohada Square (Martyrs Sq). The real death toll is believed to be 64.

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