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Expediency Discernment Council Created

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February, 6, 1988 A.D.:
Expediency Discernment Council Created

By: Mir M.Hosseini

A new entity in Iranian political system was formed after revisions to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Feb, 6, 1988: The Expediency Discernment Council of the System shortly named as Majma is an administrative assembly appointed by the Supreme Leader. Majma was originally set up by Imam Khomeini to resolve differences or conflicts between the Majlis and the Guardian Council.
In general, responsibilities of the Majma are listed as:

1. -Decision making about master planning, and defining long term local and international policies of the IRI.
2. -Programming and Codification of long-term 20 years blueprints of the regime: Headed by Ayatollah / Hojjatoleslam Hashemi Rafsanjani since its foundation, Majma has been in charge of drafting and supervising a 20 years Vision Plan known as the 1404 document, which is divided into four terms, five years each. The Vision Plan involves a perspective of Iranian development in cultural, scientific, economic, political and social aspects.
3. -Supervision over three supreme powers as the legislature, executive, and judicial branches.
Majma has 35 elite selective members in addition to 3 heads of supreme powers, and 6 members of the Guardian Council that make its assemblies reach 44 people. Occasionally, ministers or authorities in charge of the issue being discussed are present.

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