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Downfall Of Zand Dynasty

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March, 5, 1779 A.D.:
Downfall Of Zand Dynasty

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Karimkhan's death actually triggered the downfall of the Zand dynasty as a strange fight for power began. Karim Khan Zand succeeded in taking back most of Iran under his realm but he never called himself king and preferred to be known as the representative of ordinary people.
Shortly after Karimkhan's death, his half brother Zaki Khan proclaimed King. One day later on March, 6, 1779. Karimkhan's other brother Sadegh Khan proclaimed himself king in Kerman. At that time Iran had two kings at the same time.
Zaki Khan was a prominent military leader in Karimkhan's army who had a great role in some of his victories. However, he revolted against Karimkhan. But he saw that he did not have much chance, and asked for forgiveness. Zaki Khan was given the duty to suppress some revolts. He succeeded in taking back the Khark Island. When Karimkhan passed away, he used the opportunity to conquer the Karimkhan Arc in Shiraz and killed 16 of Zand leaders. Zaki Khan sent an army to Kerman in order to suppress Sadegh Khan's revolt which was not successful and returned to Shiraz with heavy losses. About 100 days after his short reign, Zaki Khan was killed in his tent with a gun.
Sadegh Khan's fate was not better and he was blinded before being killed by Ali Morad Khan in 1781.

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