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Anti-Shah Rebels Clash In Siahkal

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February, 8, 1971 A.D.:
Anti-Shah Rebels Clash In Siahkal

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Clashes in Siahkal marked the first of several encounters between the Pahlavi regime and armed rebels. The rebels were groups of students with extremist Marxist views who merged into the Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas aka CFK guerilla army which used dense jungles of Gilan as their base.
On Feb, 8, 1971, in the evening hours, 13 guerillas armed with machine guns and grenades attacked the Gendarmerie post in Siahkal in order to free their comrade who was arrested earlier. The attack was unsuccessful as the guerillas were dispersed and escaped towards the depths of the jungle. Shocked with the news, a team of Special Forces were dispatched from Tehran who swiftly located the rebel camps near Siahkal and killed 30 guerillas. They arrested eleven of CFK members, one of which died under torture and the rest were briefly executed.
The despot regime which did not tolerate any opposing voices started a crack down on opposition and arrested leftist university students who did not even have any ties to CFK. Although it seemed that the leftist guerilla movements who were called "terrorists" by the government seemed to have been eliminated, the brief disturbance created a sample for other groups who sought to fight against Mohammad Reza Shah.
During police operations 17 CFK members were arrested, 13 of which were executed on March, 17, 1971; those were Ali Akbar Safayi Farahani, Ghafour Hassanpour, Hadi Bandehkhoda, Ahmad Farhoodi, Houshang Nayyeri, Eskandar Rahimi, Jalil Enferadi, Abbas Danesh, Mohammad Hadi Fazeli, Esmail Moini, Shoaoddin Moshidi, Nasser Seif Dalil Safayi, Mohammad Ali Mohaddes Ghandchi
After the 1979 revolution, CFK fell into disagreements within its own ranks and was divided into two streams. The mainstream which became close to the Toodeh Party could survive for a while but slowly vanished in time.

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