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Cossack Commander In Charge of Tehran

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June, 22, 1908 A.D.:
Cossack Commander In Charge of Tehran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

In the heat of the Constitutional Monarchy Movement, Mohammad Ali Shah hid himself at Bagheshah fortifications. Unfortunately, the treacherous Shah relied heavily on Russian Cossacks and put a Russian colonel in charge of Tehran's security, turning the city into a military garrison. Cossacks occupied state offices and dissidents were either killed, arrested or sent to exile.
The revolutionary forces bravely guarded the Baharestan area in order to protect the Majlis.
Russian colonel Liakhoff who was the commander of Persian Cossack Brigade gained considerable notoriety after shelling the Majlis and executing several leaders of the Constitutional Movement on June, 23, 1908. His forces then plundered the parliament and damaged the building. Mohammad Ali Shah honored him for his achievements.
Colonel Liakhoff served the Shah until July, 19, 1909 when he surrendered and was pardoned by the Constitutional leaders probably for the fear of a Russian attack after which he was sent back to Saint Petersburg.

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