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Sanioddoleh Heads The Majlis

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October, 8, 1906 A.D.:
Sanioddoleh Heads The Majlis

By: Mir M.Hosseini

In the second session of the first Majlis term, Sanioddoleh was elected head of the parliament while Vosooghoddoleh was appointed as his deputy.
Morteza Gholi Khan Sanioddoleh (c. 1857-1911) was the son of Ali Gholi Khan Mokhberoddoleh and grandson of Reza Gholi Khan Hedayat. Sanioddoleh was a Qajar politician and entrepreneur. He was graduated as Industrial engineer in Germany. He opened the first textile factory in Iran. Due to Britain’s monopoly on many industries including textile, his attempt failed and so did his project of Iron furnaces. He then tried to restart Aminoddoleh’s ailing safety matches and sugar factories.
After another failure, he entered mining business in Pasghaleh area. When he brought machinery and technicians from Germany, Constitutional Monarchy took place. Reformist Qajar era politicians such as Naserolmolk, Motamenolmolk, Mohsirolmolk and Mokhberossaltaneh urged him to accept being the head of Majlis.
The first Majlis was not chosen by public vote and well-known people chose representatives from among themselves. This way, the parliament had more an air of a teahouse as some deputies brought along their servants. They used to sit on the flower and chat with each other while drinking tea and smoking Hooka. There were also many visitors sometimes submitting complaints as this Majlis was also called the House of Justice of Mozaffaroddin Shah.
Sanioddoleh as a technical person decided to abandon his Majlis duty to Ehteshamossaltaneh and pursue his long time dream; the railroad. But on a Wednesday, on Oct, 8, 1911 he was shot dead by a Russian from Georgian origin named Ivan at Mohkberoddoleh Intersection.

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