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Warning From India About U.S.

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November, 26, 1944 A.D.:
Warning From India About U.S.

By: Mir M.Hosseini

A classified letter from Ali Motamedi, Iranian representative in India is delivered to Prime Minister Saed on Nov, 26, 1944. The report that was dated Sep, 5, 1944 indicated a shift in the U.S. policy after the WWII which used to be based on non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs.
The main scene of the change is in India which US eyed for its strategic location in order to run operations against Burma and Japan. Therefore, Americans were interfering seriously in political activities through provocation of public discontent. U.S. was not indifferent towards Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Turkey and Egypt. In each case US GIVES itself the right to interfere: for petroleum in Saudi Arabia, Jewish immigration to Palestine, are pretexts for US imperialism to open its way in the world. According to Americans, Indian soldiers are labeled as sinecure and yes-man of their British Lords to whom sense of liberty needs to be taught.
The timing and content of this letter is very interesting to be studied in the timeframe it was written, warning about a possible US/UK confrontation. Meanwhile, the Iranian politicians were playing the American card to get rid of the Soviet occupation in the north.
Western creation of an apartheid regime on Palestinian lands discriminating the native citizens is one of those issues warned at the time of Mr. Motamedi. Although the British masterminded such a phenomenon for constant conflict in the Middle East, US/UK somehow put their differences aside in time and the latter acknowledge US as the new Imperial master of the world, though the old fox seems to be a conductor, running its own agenda in backstage..
***The material in this article is primarily based on Iranian National Library Document #: 11269 - 102011, and articles: #76, #920 on***

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