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Shah Censors Israel Relations

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June, 29, 1963 A.D.:
Shah Censors Israel Relations

By: Mir M.Hosseini

On June, 29, 1963 The Iranian Ministry of Foreign affairs was ordered to keep relations with Israel secret and not to publish any related news or reports about Iran-Israel relations at the media. This decision was taken 3 days after Shah announced in an interview on July, 23, 1960 that Iran-Israel relations date back to its formation. This announcement created outrage among Arab countries especially Egypt.
On March, 14, 1950, Iran recognized the state of Israel; as De Facto, one year after its creation during Saed government. But Dr. Mosaddegh cut ties with Israel on July, 7, 1951, knowing that the Zionist state was a tool of the British government against nations in the Middle East. The British embassy and officials were evicted from Iran in October 1952. After the CIA backed coup of 1953, diplomatic relations with Britain and her illegitimate child re-started and Mohammad Reza Shah entered a close relationship with Israel, especially in terms of weapons and intelligence. Iran purchased a $500,000,000 worth of arms from Israel per year and exported petroleum even at the time of OPEC embargo.
Iranians were sensitive towards the Palestinian issue. Israel was known for apartheid and discrimination against native residents of Palestine. Therefore Shah wanted to keep their relations secret.
On Feb, 19, 1979, only a week after the Islamic Revolution, in its first official response to the issue, the Revolutionary interim government stated that Iran-Israel relations were to be cut completely. Imam Khomeini declared every last Friday of Ramazan as the Qods Day in support of oppressed Palestinians.
The Israel embassy was shut down and it was dedicated as the Palestinian embassy. Iran’s support for Palestinian resistance groups and Lebanese Hezbollah and close ties with Syria are parts of her official long-term policy that has resulted in pressure from US and its satellite countries. Although the cost has been high, Iranians seem to have embraced staying besides the oppressed rather than cheering international arrogance and ignorance.

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