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Alaossaltaneh Announces His Cabinet Of Ministers

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May, 29, 1917 A.D.:
Alaossaltaneh Announces His Cabinet Of Ministers

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Following demonstrations against Prime Minister Vosooghoddoleh, he was forced to resign and Prince Alaossaltaneh was appointed to form a new government. He introduced his cabinet of ministers on May, 29, 1917 which was believed to be weak and unreliable from the beginning.
That year was a disastrous year for Iran who entered the Norooz with natural disasters. Flood washed away western Tehran including Vanak and Farahzad and earthquake killed more than 1000 people in Boin Zahra. There were reports of tribal unrest from around the country. Border villages were plundered by bandits and Tehran could not protect its borders. Meanwhile, during Ahmad Shah’s wedding ceremony in Sahebgharaniye Palace in all glory, the British ambassador presented his gifts: a golden tea set and two Arabian horses.
Ministers were easily replaced in the unstable cabinet of Alaossaltaneh, however efforts were futile and armed Bakhtiari forces that fought for the Constitutional Monarchy became a pain by refusing to disarm and or leaving the capital. They finally clashed with government forces after which 100 people from both sides were reported killed.
Einoddoleh was the prominent Minister of Internal Affairs whose resignation caused the unstable Alaossaltaneh cabinet to collapse on Nov, 19, 1971. Thus the life of this cabinet was about 6 months.
The next Prime Minister to be challenged was Mirza Hasan Khan Mostofiolmamalek.

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