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Ahmad Qajar Leaves Russian Embassy

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July, 23, 1909 A.D.:
Ahmad Qajar Leaves Russian Embassy

By: Mir M.Hosseini

At the peak of the Constitutional Monarchy Movement, Mojahedin reached Tehran by July, 1909 and defeated Cossack forces of Colonel Liakhoff. Mohammad Ali Shah sought refuge at the Russian embassy in Tehran on July, 16 and he was preparing to flee the country.
Finally, Qajar tribal leaders reached an agreement with the revolutionaries to recognize Mohammad Ali Shah’s son Ahmad as the new king. The young king was transferred from the Russian embassy in Gholhak to the Golestan Palace. At that time, he was just a kid and official affairs were given to his regent Azadolmolk.
Ahmad had to wait 5 more years to become Ahmad Shah. For his coronation ceremony on July, 22, 1914, an amount of 100,000 Tomans was borrowed from the Imperial Bank of Persia to cover the expenses.
Ahmad Shah married 4 times and had 3 daughters named; Irandokht, Homayoondokht, and Maryam. He also had a son named Fereydoun.

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