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Anglo-Persian Wars : Bushehr Resistance

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December, 9, 1856 A.D.:
Anglo-Persian Wars : Bushehr Resistance

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After Iran claimed Herat, the British declared war on Iran on Nov,1, 1956 starting a war that lasted for 17 months. Instead of sending troops to Herat, the British naval forces advanced to the Persian Gulf and taking advantage of their superiority in sea bombed the Bushehr city for several days. They landed on Bushehr shores on Dec, 9th. British forces mostly consisting of Indians soldiers advanced inland towards Borazjan looting stores and homes. On Feb, 7, 1857 Persian army met them at Khooshab but they were defeated. Then the city of Ahvaz fell to the British on Apr, 1, 1957 when it was learnt that peace had been made in Paris on March 4th in which Persians agreed to withdraw from Herat, apologize to the British, and give the British commercial concessions which became the basis further exploitation of Iran throughout 20th century.
Bushehr city is situated 8 kilometers north of the ancient city of Elam also called Mesambria by the Greek. In 1506 the Portuguese had invaded the city but had been forced out by Shah Abbas forces.
Today, Bushehr is famous for it's historical nuclear power plant still being built after 30 years.

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