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Ord 2. Descends The Parthian Throne

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June, 2, 36 B.C.:
Ord 2. Descends The Parthian Throne

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Shortly after his son Pacor was kille during Iranian wars in West Asia, Ord 2. voluntarily descended the Parthian throne and appointed Farhad 4. as his successor.
Ord 2. ruled the Parthian Empire from 56 B.C. after defeating his elder brother and succeeded Mehrdad 3. The Parthian Empire reached its zenith during his time and Iran became stronger than the Roman Empire. During his reign, Ord 2. annexed many territories to his realm which were lost soon. The most important event of his time was the Battle of Carrhae with Romans in 54.
He moved the capital from Hecatompylos to Tisfun which remained the Iranian capital until the end of the Sassanid Empire in 636 AD.
When he became king, Farhad 4. killed most of his brothers and anyone who could threaten his crown including his father Ord 2.

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