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Terror Plot Against Mozaffaroddin Shah

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August, 2, 1900 A.D.:
Terror Plot Against Mozaffaroddin Shah

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Assassination attempt against Mozaffaroddin Shah took place in Paris on Aug, 2, 1900 during his tour of Europe.
According to Shah's own diary, on his sixth day of his visit, he was invited to the Versailles Palace. After taking some photographs, they were seated in a coach with his Prime Minister Aminossoltan, Minister of court Hakimolmolk, and a French general. Shah had ordered some automobiles, and he wanted to check them out on his way. Short after they took off, a French man attacked the guards and jumped on the side of the carriage. But as soon as he pulled out his gun to shoot Mozaffaroddin Shah, Hakimolmolk grabbed his hand and pressed it until the man had to drop the gun.
The assassin was arrested and turned out to be a French anarchist. His motivation remained unknown but for some reasons, Shah pardoned him probably happy and thankful that he did not share the same faith as his father.

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