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Shah Abbas Eliminates Guardian

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July, 23, 1589 A.D.:
Shah Abbas Eliminates Guardian

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Morshed Gholi Khan was a tribal leader of the powerful Estejanloo tribe. He was the guardian of Prince Abbas Mirza who would later become Shah Abbas the Great.
Morshed Gholi Khan helped Abbas Mirza take Khorasan governorship by eliminating Ali Gholi Khan Shamloo. Morshed took the title Vakilossaltaneh (Representative of the Crown) He helped Abbas Mirza ascend the Safavi throne in Qazvin on Oct, 1 1587.
At first Morshed Gholi Khan stayed at Dolatkhaneh with Shah Abbas but then he moved to the house of Parikhan Khanoom, the daughter of Shah Tahmasp. Vezirs and courtiers only took orders from him. Shah Abbas was a shadow king not having much power. Gradually Morshed Gholi Khan appointed his close friends in key positions. Shah Abbas was young and did not intervene when Morshed Gholi Khan started eliminating all revolting Kizilbash leaders.
To prevent possible revolts, on Dec, 4, 1588 Morshed Gholi Khan sent the deposed king Mohammad Khodabandeh, his brother Abutaleb Mirza, Ismail Mirza and Heydar Mirza to Alamout Castle where Prince Tahmasp Mirza was also kept in prison. He appointed 300 Kizilbash officers as their guard and as precautions, he changed them every month. He confiscated all properties belonging to the royal family and threw a wedding party for Shah Abbas and married him to two Safavid princesses at the same time.
When time came, on July, 23, 1589, Shah Abbas threw a banquet at Chaman Bastam where he ordered his officers to kill Morshed Gholi Khan. With Morshed gone, Abbas could now rule Iran in his own right.

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