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An Ottoman Messenger To Persia

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October, 9, 1606 A.D.:
An Ottoman Messenger To Persia

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After capturing the Ganjeh Castle, the Tbilisi Castle surrendered and Shah Abbas marched from Georgia towards Erivan and Nakhjevan to take the Shirvan Castle back from the Ottomans.
At this time, a woman named Golchehreh Khanoom visited the Safavid court. She was the wife of Simon the governor of Georgia who was taken captive by the Ottomans and was imprisoned in Istanbul. Golchehreh somehow convinced the Ottoman court to became the special envoy from Sultan Ahmet's grandmother Safiyeh Sultan to meet Zeynab Beygom, the aunt of Shah Abbas. This was how the Safavid court received the peace offer from the Ottomans.
In reply Zeynab Beygom suggested that peace would be acceptable if the Ottomans returned the occupied Iranian territory and that Shah Abbas the Great was determined to liberate the land of his grandfather Shah Ismail. In return, Iran would abandon the Ottoman territories seized by war.
Golchehreh Khanoom took off for Istanbul on Oct, 9, 1606 with a private message from Shah's aunt to Sultan's grandmother.
As a result, once again in Feb, 1607, the Ottoman Vezir Darvish Mohammad Pasha sent an envoy to Iran demanding peace negotiations. Shah Abbas sent his trustee Mohammad Bey Rumloo to the Ottoman court on Feb, 22, 1607. It was obvious that both sides wanted to live in peace knowing that continuing war would result in great loss for both sides. Yet, when the Ottoman Vezir sent his special envoy Kheiroddin to Iran in 1608, Shah Abbas showed great hospitality and hosted the guest for about a year sending him back in 1609 with gifts and presents.
The Ottomans suggested that Iran has already recovered most of her territorial loss during the war and a peace could be brokered. Shah Abbas thought that Ottomans were just buying time and captured Iranian cities of Baku, Darband and Shamakhi in 1607 to make the enemy understand that he was seriously able to take what rightfully belonged to Iran if they were not given through negotiations.

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