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Battle Of Pol Shekasteh

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September, 10, 1618 A.D.:
Battle Of Pol Shekasteh

By: Mir M.Hosseini

A massive Ottoman army invaded Iran in late 1617 AD without facing a great challenge. Grand Vezir Khalil Pasha considered retreat of Qaraqchay Khan as a sign of his imminent victory yet he proceeded with caution. Shah Abbas had ordered his army to let the invaders enter deep inside the Iranian soil and wait for a favorable opportunity. Soldiers of both armies were brave and experienced and their famous veteran commanders knew nothing but aiming for victory.
On Sep, 9, 1918 something interesting happened.
Inside the Ottoman ranks, one of the soldiers of Yenicheri contingents named Ali fled to the Iranian camp and informed Iranian commanders of Khalil Pasha's plans for a Camisado using 50,000 units. Ali was probably a spy because he was quickly promoted as Ali Beyk accompanying 30,000 Kizilbash fighters of the Safavid army who proceeded to a strategically advantageous position in Pol Shekasteh. Before the dawn on Sep, 10, 1918 the Ottomans were surprised to confront the Safavid cavalry, while expecting them to be asleep in their camp 5 km further !
A fierce battle was inevitable. The Ottomans did not have time to install their heavy cannons and after a short gunfight, swords began to talk. Casualties were heavy on the Ottoman side. An estimated 40,000 soldiers mostly from Tatar origin were killed and the invaders lost a great chunk of their manpower.
Shah Abbas while prepared for the worst to happen received the news of this great victory in a letter on Sep, 12th. While the invading army was preparing to retreat, happy civilians went back to their homes and negotiations began in which Iran could dictate her terms for peace.

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