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USSR Nullifies Treaties Imposed On Iran

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December, 14, 1917 A.D.:
USSR Nullifies Treaties Imposed On Iran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

In deflations broadcast on 11th to 14th December the Bolshevik government of Soviet Republic nullified some of the treaties that were imposed on Iran by force in 1907;separating Iran into north and south regions under Russian and British control respectively. Lenin personally had signed the declaration that recognized Iran's sovereignty and nullified some of the concessions taken by force and erased Iranian debts. This rendered the secret agreements made between Britain and Czar Russia obsolete. Unfortunately, the Iranian authorities at the time did not have enough competence to ask USSR to cancel Golestan and Turkmenchai treaties that had taken a big chunk of the homeland. Twenty days later, While the last Soviet unit was leaving Iran, the British forces were occupying some cities in Kermanshah. Finally the Iranian authorities asked the Britons to behave accordingly and dismiss the SPR unit which were Iranian soldiers, under British command. A model copied from colonization of India. Iranians had asked Britain not to object Iran's presence in Versailles meeting, and leave Iran's customs which was managed by the British at that time. One year later, the British accepted the deal, however the colonists were preparing another tricky proposal to be signed by their insider prime minister Vosooghoddoleh.

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