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Iran–Turkmenistan Friendship Dam Inauguration

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April, 12, 2005 A.D.:
Iran–Turkmenistan Friendship Dam Inauguration

(Wikipedia) - The Iran–Turkmenistan Friendship Dam was officially opened on April, 12 2005. The Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and Turkmenistan leader Saparmurat Niyazov made a speech at the inauguration ceremony
The Iran–Turkmenistan Friendship Dam is a dam on the Hariroud River, which forms part of the international boundary between Iran and Turkmenistan. It is located 75km from Sarakhs in NE Khorasan Razavi Province. The dam is 78m high and the width of its crown is 650m.
Construction began in March, 2000 and the dam was completed in 2004, and both countries agreed that each would have an equal right to the waters of the river, which amount to 1,250 million cubic meters. The dam provides drinking and irrigation water for the surrounding areas along with hydroelectric power.
Behind the Friendship Dam, a beautiful lake called Friendship Lake is formed which is 12km wide and provides drinking water for Mashhad.

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