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Educating Doctors In Isfahan

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October, 29, 1950 A.D.:
Educating Doctors In Isfahan

(IUMS) - Isfahan University of Medical Sciences was established in 1946 and was known at the time as Isfahan Senior School of Medical Training.
After a 4-year course, students graduated as medical officers. Later, the school was relocated to a larger facility with a well-equipped laboratory.
In 1950, Isfahan Faculty of Medicine was given the permission to grant MD degrees after a 6-year course of medical training. On October 29, 1950, the first series of classes were held at the new campus, named University of Isfahan .The newly established school of Medicine at Saadi School and Literature College on Shahzadeh Ebrahim Street joined University of Isfahan were relocated at the main campus.
The former School of Medical Training was ultimately closed and the professors continued their teaching in the newly established Faculty of Medicine. Meanwhile, some of the qualified physicians in the city were invited to join the staff.
The School of Pharmacy was founded in 1955 and shared the buildings and laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine which were scattered around the city.
The school of Pharmacy became independent in 1958 and the Faculty of Literature was established in the same year.
With the addition of the Faculty of Literature to the two previously founded faculties, the University of Isfahan was founded and the first chancellor was appointed on December 20 of the same year.
In 1955 the Faculty of Medicine was permitted to establish the Faculty of pharmacy which could only train students up to the Bachelor's degree.
In 1962, the secretariat of the University of Isfahan was closed and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences rejoined the School of Medicine, hence the students had to continue their education in Tehran Faculty of Pharmacy.
In the same year, the Faculties of Medicine and Literature were put under the control of the Local Office of Higher Education.
In 1967, the government passed a legislation which facilitated the formation of the Board of Trustees.
The University began a new era in its history with the building of a modern campus in the Hezar Jerib District.
Courses of medicine for physicians willing to specialize were first introduced in 1967.
In the academic year 1968-1969, two higher education units, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Nursing School were established and bachelor's degrees in laboratory sciences were offered for the first time at the University of Isfahan.
Private University Clinics were established in Amin, Khorshid and Kashani Hospitals in the same year.
In 1972, the 4-year course of pharmacy was altered to a 6-year doctorate program in pharmacy and the faculty was renamed as the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education.
At present, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences includes seven faculties, namely the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health, Nursing and Midwifery, Management and Medical Information, and Rehabilitation Sciences. A variety of training programs are offered in these faculties including subspecialty, fellowship, specialty, professional doctorate, PhD, Master's, Bachelor's, and junior college education courses.
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences runs nine research centers, namely Cardiovascular Research Center, Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center, Tropical and Infectious Diseases Research Center, Leishmaniasis and Dermatology Research Center, Behavioral Sciences Research Center, Dentistry Research Center, Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center, Medical Education Research Center, and Applied Physiology Research Center.
The University currently has 20,000 non-academic employees, as well as 645 academic teaching staff responsible for 5,500 students. Nearly 90 foreign students - mostly from Muslim countries - are studying at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. The University has eight teaching hospitals with nearly 2000 beds, as well as 24 hospitals throughout Isfahan Province.
Following the development of a nationwide health network and the integration of health services provision and medical education in Iran in 1985, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences was renamed to Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.

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