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Reza Shah Kills Farrokhi Yazdi

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October, 18, 1939 A.D.:
Reza Shah Kills Farrokhi Yazdi

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mirza Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi was an Iranian journalist, poet and senior politician who was killed by the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi on October, 18, 1939.
Born in 1887 in Yazd to Mohammad Ebrahim, a merchant from Yazd, Farrokhi finished primary school at a Madrasa in Yazd. At the age of 15, although he was a brilliant student having mastered Persian and Arabic literature, he was expelled from school after writing a poem criticizing teachers and school management.
Yet by the age of 16, he had already started writing poetry and gradually became active in politics during the Persian Constitutional Revolution. In his poems he praised freedom and criticized despotism and fundamentalism. In 1909, he was imprisoned by the governor of Yazd for his critical poems and his lips were sewn as a brutal punishment to make him silent but he managed to escape captivity after two months, then he moved to Tehran.
During the World War I, he went to Iraq and continued his anti-imperial activities against Britain. Farrokhi was imprisoned because of writing articles criticizing the establishment and treaties signed secretly by Vosooghoddoleh with Britain in 1919.
In 1921, he published the political Toufan Newspaper, winning fame for his poetry and constant attacks against Reza Pahlavi in his editorials. The paper was shut down 15 times and Farrokhi was occasionally arrested but he continued publishing his poems in other newspapers such as Peykar, Ghiyam, Setareh Shargh.
He was the representative of Yazd in Majlis seventh term which began on Oct, 6, 1928. Farrokhi and Mohammad Reza Tolou were the only remaining representatives in the minority fraction, in the parliament that generally obeyed Reza Shah. Therefore he had a hard time at Majlis, most of the time criticized, harassed or beaten because of his opposition to despotism. He received several death threats and his life was in danger even in Majlis. He had no choice but to flee from Tehran to Germany in secret. There, he continued publishing his articles and poems in the Peykar Newspaper.
Abdolhossein Teimurtash convinced him to return home, upon his return he was briefly arrested and he was convicted to 30 months in prison for insulting the monarch in 1939.
He was sent to Tehran's Qasr Prison where he was killed by air injection, a procedure to eliminate Reza Shah's opponents by his special executioner Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi.
Farrokhi was buried in an unknown place. May peace be upon his soul and all freedom fighters around the world.

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