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Pourandokht Becomes Queen

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June, 9, 630 A.D.:
Pourandokht Becomes Queen

By: Mir M.Hosseini

44 days after the mysterious death of Ardeshir 3, the army Sepahbod Shahrbaraz who was ruling the country was slain and the country entered turmoil. Khosrau 3., a nephew of Khosrau Parviz proclaimed king in Khorasan but he was slain by the governor soon after. Javanshir, a son pf Khosrau Parviz made a claim to the crown but he was known as a foreign puppet.
In this situation, Pourandokht, the daughter of Khosrau Parviz was chosen by the noblemen from among many princes as the most suitable person for the crown. As the 31st Sassanid ruler, she could not save Iran from a collapse that followed corruption in the royal family and general public dissatisfaction from the situation. She tried her best to rule the country in justice, this she declared in a letter sent to all corners of the kingdom: she ordered taxes to be written off, minted new coins, and started maintaining economic infrastructure such as roads and bridges, but her efforts proved to be in vain and her reign lasted for only 16 months.
The Romans who had sided with all enemies of Iran and had caused heavy damage during recent battles also had been given enormous concessions. In Dec, 631, Pourandokht signed a peace treaty with the Romans but her reign lasted for only 16 months. The glorious Sassanid dynasty was to go under Caliph Rule in just 21 years.

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