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Explosions In Ahvaz

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October, 15, 2005 A.D.:
Explosions In Ahvaz

(Wikipedia) - On Oct, 15, 2005 two bomb blasts hit a shopping center, killing at least six people and injuring up to 100 in Salman Farsi Street in Ahvaz. The terrorist attacks, a few minutes apart, took place near an area which had been targeted by several bombs in June. The bombs were planted in rubbish bins. The terror plots occurred shortly before dusk as shoppers crowded to buy food for the evening meal that breaks the daily fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The first bomb went off at 20:17 and while people gathered to help the injured, the second bomb exploded a couple of minutes later and took a heavy toll.
The Iranian government pointed the blame for the terrorist attacks on a number of groups and foreign governments. The Iranian government initially blamed the foreign-backed terror groups such as MKO for the incident.
Seven people were arrested in relation to Ahvaz bombings. Ali Afravi and his companions confessed to charges in a video recording that the British Secret Service provided him with the explosives and training. His father Uday Afravi, the head of the terror group explained their plans to create an organization based on Al Qaeda model in Iraq.
Ali Afravi and his aid, Mehdi Navaseri as the main plotters were executed in public on March, 2, 2006 at the scene of their crime in Ahvaz.
On 2 March 2006 a bomb exploded hours after two men were hanged for a bomb blast. The percussion bomb shattered the windows of a building in the Kian Pars District on Thursday evening, but no casualties were reported.

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