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Isfahan Petrochemical Complex Completed

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January, 18, 1993 A.D.:
Isfahan Petrochemical Complex Completed

(EPC) - Esfahan Petrochemical Company was officially inaugurated in Dec, 1992 by President Rafsanjani and operations began on Jan, 18, 1993.
According to the company website, license and basic engineering started in June 1987 with partnership from UOP of England and Dutch Lummus. Construction started in February 1990 by Iranian and Korean Contractors.
Esfahan Petrochemical Co. is the first Producer of aromatics line of chemicals in Iran with the aim of producing over 300,000 tons/year of Benzene, Toluene, Ortho-Xylene, Para-Xylene and Mixed-Xylenes joined other country’s petrochemical producing plants. Being respected as one of the infra-structural petrochemical plants of the country, its strategic products are being used in downstream line of industries such as production of: detergents, plastics, polyester fiber, plastic softeners, paints and other applications. With the help of highest technologies implemented in the design of the production units, all stages of production process are controlled by the most advanced DCS system.
EPC, from the start-up of its production units, in order4 to achieve customer's satisfaction as its first goal has chosen to acquire quality system in all areas of production activities. With the great endeavors and obligations of the hard working personnel, EPC during the last five consecutive years of its operating life has been designated and honored with the Best Complex of the Year award from mother company National Iranian Petrochemical Co. of Iran.
In 1997, after successful implementation of the ISO 9002, Quality Management System, it was the first plant to receive the corresponding certification in the most sophisticated petrochemical industries from SGS UK. In 2001 also the Quality Management System improved and ISO 9001:2000 Implemented.
Esfahan Petrochemical Company with special attention has committed itself to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations towards environmental protection in view of the potential impacts of petrochemicals on environment. Therefore, by effective actions already taken for pollution control, EPC has been selected and awarded the honorary plate of Green Industry to fall amongst the eight recipient companies of the said award in the country. In continuation of such efforts according to this viewpoint that “protection of environment is a general public task “, it proceeded with implementation of Environmental Management System and consequently in 1998, marked the first recipient of the ISO 14001 environmental certification from SGS Swiss in oil ministry’s industries and fourth company in the country. EPC also committed itself to comply with the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Management System, OHSAS 18001, and after successful implementation, system was certified by SGS in June 2001.
In 2012, EPC was awarded as outstanding exporters of the state, and the Best Green Industry in 2012. In Sep, 2012 Esfahan Petrochemical Complex was shut down temporarily due to accumulated debts for buying feedstock, the Mehr news agency reported.

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