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Alexander Reaches Tigris

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September, 3, 331 B.C.:
Alexander Reaches Tigris

By: Mir M.Hosseini

While Dariush 3 was preparing for the battle in Gaugamela, Alexander and his forces after allowing his men to rest near Carrhae reached Tigris. Meanwhile Mazaeus' army joined forces with Dariush 3 and was sent on ahead to demolish the crop and food resources to make it inconvenient for Alexander, therefore putting the entire area to the east of Tigris on fire as if they were the invading army. The Macedonians crossed the river with little difficulty as planned by Dariush 3 who looked completely in command of the situation and waiting for the victory. But on Sep, 30, there was an eclipse of the moon right after sunset which was considered a disaster for Persia. It is very possible that priests were bribed to create panic among soldiers.

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