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Isfahan Becomes Iran's Capital

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November, 12, 1598 A.D.:
Isfahan Becomes Iran's Capital

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Safavid Shah Abbas (1588-1629) chose Isfahan as the new capital. His mother had been slaughtered in Qazvin, and he used this fact as a pretext to move the capital. However, the fact that the Kizilbash had a strong support in Qazvin, and that Isfahan was a more suitable place in terms of defense and trade may have played a more significant role in this decision for which preparations took 7 years. In official ceremonies on Norooz, Shah Abbas declared that Isfahan would stay Iran's capital forever. He gave out free land to foreigners to build embassies and trade centers and even opened a new area for new immigrants later called Abbasabad. During his reign he made his best attempts to turn Isfahan into the most beautiful city in the world; the result is one of the most important tourist attractions of Iran. One of his major achievements was creating a unified army and forcing the Portuguese out of Bahrain and the Persian Gulf. Isfahan had been declared capital once again in 931 by Mardaviz.

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