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Epic Fall Of Safavid Capital Isfahan

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October, 12, 1722 A.D.:
Epic Fall Of Safavid Capital Isfahan

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After a long siege Isfahan surrendered to Afghan forces. The people of Kandahar had been loyal Iranians until 1709 when due to weakness in leadership of King Sultan Hossein, injustice and corruption made them stage uprisings asking for autonomy. After invading Isfahan, Amir Mahmoud killed more than 80,000 people and had imprisoned Sultan Hossein and his family. 83 days later, on Jan, 4th during a meeting in Mashhad, Iranian noblemen chose Nader Gholi Afshar as the general in charge to end the civil war that was ravaging the country. In 1729, the Afghans were defeated in 3 consequent battles and only few of their leader could escape to Kandahar. After Nader followed them to Kandahar, they found refugee in India. India's refusal to hand out the war criminals caused Nader to seize Delhi briefly.

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