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The Isfahan Treaty With Ottomans

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April, 16, 1613 A.D.:
The Isfahan Treaty With Ottomans

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After 3 consequent years of several battles with Ottomans in which Iranians were victorious, the Ottoman envoy reaches Isfahan to sign a peace treaty according to which the Ottoman Empire accepted waiver of all rights and claims regarding Kafkas region. Erivan, Ghares and Van were battlegrounds in which the new Iranian army was deployed. Unlike the times when army units such As the Kizilbash were like tribal mercanaries who were more loyal to their tribal leaders than the central government, Iran's army was comprised of conscripted persons suited for the job.
The terms of the Isfahan Peace Treaty:
The Ottoman Empire agreed to return all territory gained by the treaty of Istanbul of 1590.
The border line became the line drawn in the treaty of Amasya in 1555.
Persia agreed to pay an annual tribute of 200 loads of silk.
The pilgrim route of Persian pilgrims to Hajj was changed (over Syria instead of Iraq.
This treaty is the first treaty in Ottoman history by which the empire agreed to lose territory. On the other hand, this treaty was a big success for Shah Abbas Safavi. By the treaty he both increased his realm and restored Safavid prestige. However, Abbas refused to pay the tribute, and the war re-started in 1615

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