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Bactria Regains Independence From Abbasids

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February, 9, 867 A.D.:
Bactria Regains Independence From Abbasids

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Yaghub Leis, the founder of the Saffarian Dynasty liberated Bactria after a battle on Feb, 9, 867.
Yaghub was a restless warrior who defeated Arab vassal rulers one by one. In a series of battles, his army liberated Herat, Bamyan, Bactra, Kabul, and Bost. Iranians had first taken sword 40 years after Nahavand defeat and joined Mokhtar forces in Feb, 683. But all such movements were harshly suppressed by the Arab rulers. Yaghub Leis' patriotic fight continued for the next eleven years that ended with liberation of Neishabour, Gorgan, Kerman, Fars, and Khuzestan provinces. After his death, his brother Amro Leis took power.
However, a new regional rival emerged. Amir Ismail Samani, the founder of the Samanian Dynasty was a powerful vassal of the Caliph of Baghdad. He defeated Amro Leis in a battle in the spring of 900 AD in Balkh. The Samanian victory reduced the Saffarian Dynasty to a minor tributary in Sistan and Iranian leaders could not unite and regain country's independence until 931.

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