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Iran Purchases Coinage Machine

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December, 25, 1834 A.D.:
Iran Purchases Coinage Machine

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Iran used to have first uniform gold coins in the world since Dariush I and thus Iranians were the first nation to have a monetary policy, but during the Qajar reign with infiltration of the royal family by foreign missionaries Iran became more and more dependent on the foreign countries.
During the reign of Fathali Shah (1797-1834) the first steps toward a modern currency were taken. In Tabriz and Isfahan mints well-executed silver and gold coins were struck along with the normal, less carefully minted products, with full, even pressure and neat edges similar to those found on contemporary British Indian coins. It is unclear whether these coins were intended only for presentation or as prototypes for a technically superior circulating coinage,
On Dec, 25, 1834 a coinage machine was purchased from Brussels so that the money used in day-to-day transactions would have same shape and weight. It was the last year of Fathali Shah's reign.
During Naseroddin Shah's reign a more sophisticated machine was purchased from France in 1865 but it did not become operational until 12 years later under an Australian advisor named Pachan.
Fathali Shah died at the age of 68 in Isfahan in 1834. His body was buried in the city of Qom. He had several children but following his will, his grandson Mohammad Mirza succeeded him. He was the son of Abbas, the crown prince who had died before.

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