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Abu Muslim Enters Khorasan

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July, 31, 745 A.D.:
Abu Muslim Enters Khorasan

By: Mir M.Hosseini

According to Abu Muslim the Bani-Omayyeh caliphates ruling over Iran were wanton, greedy, and just like other Sultans had become corrupt tyrants. Abu Muslim's uprising succeeded and in less than three years he became dominant all over Khorasan and chose Marv as his headquarters. Also Known as Ibrahim son of Mohammad, Abu Muslim was born in Isfahan and was raised in Kufa, a city near Najaf. He is believed to be a grandson of Bozorgmehr, a famous Sassanid minister. Abu Muslim was known as a very brave and smart person whose main aim was to overthrow the Bani-Omayyeh caliphates which he succeeded. His popularity led the second Abbasi caliph, Mansour to view him as a threat and have him put to death.

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