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Saddam Hussein Sacrificed

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December, 31, 2006 A.D.:
Saddam Hussein Sacrificed

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Saddam was born on April, 28, 1337 in village near Tikrit. The Iraqi dictator who was on the loose after the fall of Baghdad was caught in a hiding hole dug underground on Dec, 13, 2003. His high profile trial for war crimes lasted for three years and he was executed by hanging on Dec, 31, 2006 on the Islamic Ghorban Feast when sheep and cows are sacrificed. In Sep, 1980 Saddam invaded Iran calling it the Ghadesiya in remembrance of the first Caliphate victory over Sassanid empire. During eight years of devastating war about a million people were killed on both sides. Saddam's army launched chemical weapons on civilians both in Iran and in Iraq, a brutal action that was passed by the U.S. in silence. During the Iran–Iraq War Arab and western countries supported Saddam's regime in every way while Iran was struggling under embargo. However, when tables turned Saddam had no friends with nowhere to go, proven to be another puppet dictator whose expiration date had arrived leaving behind many unanswered questions.

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