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Second Persian Occupation Of Egypt

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July, 6, 343 B.C.:
Second Persian Occupation Of Egypt

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Nakhthorhebe gave sacrifices to gods on this full moon night to help him in the war with Artaxerxes 3 Ochus. The Persian king was determined to get back Egypt after 60 years and finally succeeded by help from Bagoas and Mentor of Rhodes. However, he disrespected Egyptian religion and traditions; killed Apis and became hated throughout Egypt. His Accession in March 358 after killing his own brothers gave him a bad reputation at home also. Athens, in 355 submitted again after receiving a letter from the king. In 346, a rebellion in Phoenicia was suppressed and desperate Sidonians set fire to their own city. Artaxerxes 3 was poisoned by Bagoas and died in September 336 B.C. All his sons also became victims of their father's bloody record and were killed after his death.

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