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Naseroddin Shah Assassinated

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May, 1, 1896 A.D.:
Naseroddin Shah Assassinated

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Naseroddin Shah was born in July, 16, 1831 After the death of Mohammad Shah in 1848, Naseroddin as the crown prince succeeded to the throne. During his 48 years of reign he proved to be one of the most incompetent kings in the Iranian history. Despite the fact that he visited Europe three times, he did not initiate reforms to modernize the country. On the contrary, during his time big parts of Iran were lost to the British and Russians such as Afghanistan in 1956. He gave up regions by the Caspian Sea to the Russians arguing that the water was too salty for hookah.
He turned the royal administration into a playground of harems and foreign spies and murdered Amirkabir who was one of the most brilliant Vezirs of his time. On the other hand he played the religion card very well and deceived people into superstition. At the age of 65, during one of his visits to the Abdolazim Mausoleum, he was assassinated by Mirza Reza Kermani who hid his pistol under a petition. Kermani was executed on Aug, 10, 1896. Kermani's assassination of Naseroddin Shah and the subsequent execution marked a turning point in Iranian Constitutional Revolution.

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