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4th Occupation Of Tabriz By Ottomans

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July, 27, 1548 A.D.:
4th Occupation Of Tabriz By Ottomans

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The Safavi army was trying to regain its power after Iraq was lost to Ottomans when Sultan Soleyman started his second Iran campaign. His first campaign started with leaving Istanbul on June,11, 1534 and ended with occupation of Baghdad and Hamedan. Firearms superiority and great war experiences gave Ottomans necessary courage to invade Iran.
On July, 27, 1548, Ottomans entered Tabriz for the fourth time in history. But the most important gain of this campaign was taking Van for good from Iranians. Ottoman army had reached Germany's borders and shores of the Atlas ocean and had become one of the world's superpowers; thus the Safavi could hardly stand such invasions without firepower although the Iranian army consisted mostly of powerful Turcoman cavalries.

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