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Peace Treaty Signed With Ottoman Empire

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March, 29, 1555 A.D.:
Peace Treaty Signed With Ottoman Empire

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After long years of wars that devastated both countries, the Ottoman and the Safavi Empires signed a peace treaty on May, 29, 1555 that brought peace to Iran for a while.
The Peace treaty between Shah Tahmasp of Safavid Iran and Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire at the city of Amasya, following the Ottoman - Safavid War of 1532 - 1555.
The treaty defined the border between Iran and the Ottoman Empire. By this treaty Armenia and Georgia were divided equally between the two, the Ottoman Empire obtained most of Iraq, including Baghdad, which gave them access to the Persian Gulf, while the Persians retained their former capital Tabriz and the north-western borders as they were prior to the wars. The frontier thus established ran across the mountains dividing eastern and western Georgia (under native vassal princes), through Armenia, and via the western slopes of the Zagros down to the Persian Gulf. The Ottomans, further, gave permission for Persian pilgrims to go to the holy places of Mecca and Medina as well as to the Shiite sites of pilgrimage in Iraq.
Peace lasted for 23 years until Ottomans started a new war in 1578. They used the opportunity after hearing the death of Shah Ismail Safavi.

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