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Ottomans Invade Iranian Territory

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April, 5, 1578 A.D.:
Ottomans Invade Iranian Territory

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After 23 years of peace, the Ottoman army entered Kafkas area and in multiple battles captured around 590,000 km.sq of the Iranian territory. Tbilisi fell on Aug, 24 and Shirvan was conquered on Sep, 9. The war continued until Daghestan was seized on Aug, 15, 1583 by the invading army. The chain of disasters did not seem to come to an end for the Iranians when on Sep, 22, 1585 Tabriz was occupied by Ottoman army. After 12 years of war, on March, 21, 1590 an agreement was made in Istanbul that ended the war with great losses for the Safavi Empire. The peace between two nations lasted for 13.5 years.

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